Enable everyone to become a textile designer

We reject the status quo
We are driven by technology
We embrace craftmanship
We operate sustainably

Textile manufacturing has been lacking major innovations for years. In 1969 humanity sent people to the moon for the first time. However, over 60 years later, the manufacturing process of custom textiles is still shaped by excel files, WhatsApp chats, and intransparent agency services. As a result, long lead times of multiple months, high minimum order volumes, and high costs for textile design services build up substantial barriers to the entire industry. So we started to change that.
We are hiring

Hoodie Hoo is building an API powered modern textile factory in Izmir, Turkey.

By innovating in intuitive creator solutions and manufacture software, we make individual textile production more accessible to all.

The goal: Customized fashion pieces within 20 days delivery time and a min-order of just 50 pieces.

Let’s build something amazing together.